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Twitter User 1597152603137507328Statuses 1597152603137507328
Twitter User 1597152603137507328
LatinMixMasters: Escucha la Mejor Estacion de EDM LMM EDM RADIO: Carry Me (feat. Julia Michaels) by Kygo,Julia Michaels! Tune in now… https://t.co/b4TpIFTx2l
by LatinMixMasters
2022-11-28 03:57:08 DST/EDT
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Twitter User 1597148222023094272Statuses 1597148222023094272
Twitter User 1597148222023094272
TukiYaTopic: I think ima take a trip to michaels tomorrow. I need to walk around that whole store & see what creative shit i can come up with
by TukiYaTopic
2022-11-28 03:39:44 DST/EDT
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Twitter User 1597062003205763074Statuses 1597062003205763074
Twitter User 1597062003205763074
elliehepler11: We did not go to michaels, michaels is a craft store
by elliehepler11
outside your window
2022-11-27 21:57:08 DST/EDT
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Twitter User 1597054886755315713Statuses 1597054886755315713
Twitter User 1597054886755315713
JadedSketch: There was a man who could only described as a motherfucker trying to cut a very long line right behind us at a crow… https://t.co/hayddVsnL3
by JadedSketch
2022-11-27 21:28:51 DST/EDT
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Twitter User 1597027051172548609Statuses 1597027051172548609
Twitter User 1597027051172548609
IamMichaelJLee: @PhillerInstinct Top three Michaels. The person not the crafts store. Lol
by IamMichaelJLee
Somewhere in Orange County, CA
2022-11-27 19:38:14 DST/EDT
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Twitter User 1596971680559398912Statuses 1596971680559398912
Twitter User 1596971680559398912
carasynthia: genuinely how does in store pick up at michaels work? every time i'm there they have a giant rack at the front door… https://t.co/pkesmOsNiv
by carasynthia
2022-11-27 15:58:13 DST/EDT
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Twitter User 1596946956928315392Statuses 1596946956928315392
Twitter User 1596946956928315392
badass_bonita: My arts and craft ass loves some michaels ! Theeeee best store to me
by badass_bonita
2022-11-27 14:19:59 DST/EDT
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Twitter User 1596946900674301952Statuses 1596946900674301952
Twitter User 1596946900674301952
TiffArtist12: @runnermjr I was in panic earlier she doesn’t understand how important it is to have her phone charged before leavi… https://t.co/F9aXRsNPLH
by TiffArtist12
Tampa, FL
2022-11-27 14:19:45 DST/EDT
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Twitter User 1596923866760114176Statuses 1596923866760114176
Twitter User 1596923866760114176
RScoliosis: @Maggie_Nickson Hey so recently a new shopping app has emerged that’s a bit like Wish and a bit like Amazon. Let me… https://t.co/dKbpVvK0WT
by RScoliosis
2022-11-27 12:48:13 DST/EDT
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Twitter User 1596683718420111361Statuses 1596683718420111361
Twitter User 1596683718420111361
CaptAccurateWx: Raining at the Vols and Vanderbilt game. Track showers while you travel this weekend using the Captain Accurate We… https://t.co/RkDuVDk9f6
by CaptAccurateWx
Originally from Wilmington, DE
2022-11-26 20:53:58 DST/EDT
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Twitter User 1596675673279512576Statuses 1596675673279512576
Twitter User 1596675673279512576
SkyCirclesSF: N407CC, a Bell Helicopters 407, is circling over Emeryville at 700 feet, speed 70 MPH, squawking 1200, 0.1 miles fr… https://t.co/pmayNpeZMP
by SkyCirclesSF
San Francisco Bay
2022-11-26 20:21:59 DST/EDT
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Twitter User 1596623910698909696Statuses 1596623910698909696
Twitter User 1596623910698909696
KlimkowskiMrs: @MrsHayesfam @MRsalakas @HaskettsHSC @melanie_korach @mjmcalliwrites @melanieh @melissabmilner @KatieMelcher1… https://t.co/tUV6Qx9aMf
by KlimkowskiMrs
Lakeshore, Ontario
2022-11-26 16:56:18 DST/EDT
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Twitter User 1596575023514484736Statuses 1596575023514484736
Twitter User 1596575023514484736
michaels_gibson: RT @WildFlowerSeed_: @StevenAinswor19 @elonmusk @RBReich Robert Reich's father owned a clothing store. Musk's father owned an emerald mine…
by michaels_gibson
2022-11-26 13:42:03 DST/EDT
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Twitter User 1596570757751939072Statuses 1596570757751939072
Twitter User 1596570757751939072
KBNeedsNap: @ServusDeiVivi If you have a Michaels or similar craft store, you can get a wreath frame and make your own wreath.… https://t.co/bOTSosfzcu
by KBNeedsNap
2022-11-26 13:25:06 DST/EDT
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Twitter User 1596570585231986688Statuses 1596570585231986688
Twitter User 1596570585231986688
Cassshley: @LyssaWebb_ Target Christmas store & Michaels nothing black lol just buy it online
by Cassshley
2022-11-26 13:24:25 DST/EDT
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Twitter User 1596554774501273600Statuses 1596554774501273600
Twitter User 1596554774501273600
CraftyGal65: @laurelworlds @DrunkScribe Mine was working in a Bay store. I worked at small location for LewisCraft (similar to M… https://t.co/fvnhjUMf6O
by CraftyGal65
ÜT: 53.569675,-113.485938
2022-11-26 12:21:35 DST/EDT
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Twitter User 1596521850040946691Statuses 1596521850040946691
Twitter User 1596521850040946691
bestmec01: Wife had me take her to Michaels this am for Christmas decorations. Y’all I think we bought the Timonium store out.
by bestmec01
2022-11-26 10:10:45 DST/EDT
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Twitter User 1596467656189571075Statuses 1596467656189571075
Twitter User 1596467656189571075
francestuartkin: @aethelfleds we need to go back then and be the hottest bitches at the hobby lobby michaels 17th century store with… https://t.co/mxws7euZTU
by francestuartkin
2022-11-26 06:35:24 DST/EDT
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Twitter User 1596312971206332416Statuses 1596312971206332416
Twitter User 1596312971206332416
ArtofDavidW: @Lynxpointart t'was for garb -- if i had codes for art supplies i'd share them, although i must say the michaels st… https://t.co/RKRGLkDFCf
by ArtofDavidW
Sun Valley, Los Angeles
2022-11-25 20:20:45 DST/EDT
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Twitter User 1596294349133819905Statuses 1596294349133819905
Twitter User 1596294349133819905
ANTlsketchy: @paperdarkfish ikr i found a lil store that had them for $8 michaels is soo overpriced
by ANTlsketchy
2022-11-25 19:06:45 DST/EDT
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Twitter User 1596293609778982912Statuses 1596293609778982912
Twitter User 1596293609778982912
bekxart: @HeyLindaRey @Anthropologie @Staples Michaels craft store is the one that bombards me but they know, they mention a… https://t.co/IkCHlFCWES
by bekxart
Boise, ID
2022-11-25 19:03:48 DST/EDT
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Twitter User 1596290297545494529Statuses 1596290297545494529
Twitter User 1596290297545494529
sulIengrrl: @musicsueshi any crafts store like michaels or hobby lobby tbh
by sulIengrrl
she 19 black bi
2022-11-25 18:50:39 DST/EDT
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Twitter User 1596279562832613376Statuses 1596279562832613376
Twitter User 1596279562832613376
johny_michaels: RT @kylenabecker: Here's the deal, @Apple. If you ban @Twitter from App Store after @ElonMusk's takeover over a few Woke activists falsely…
by johny_michaels
2022-11-25 18:07:59 DST/EDT
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Twitter User 1596276955103432704Statuses 1596276955103432704
Twitter User 1596276955103432704
outmydopamine: @hiidef3000 YES my resume is michaels craft store
by outmydopamine
she/they - 18 — in my paradise
2022-11-25 17:57:38 DST/EDT
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Twitter User 1596266208294326284Statuses 1596266208294326284
Twitter User 1596266208294326284
EMPERORENEMA: I been trying 4 like 4 weeks 2 take advantage of the Michaels canvas sale but they don’t ship and I can’t see myself going in store idk
2022-11-25 17:14:55 DST/EDT
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Twitter User 1596246875656421376Statuses 1596246875656421376
Twitter User 1596246875656421376
EdenAlysia: @Apple @ ElyseResch never @Elysee @michaels closed and new location in Flagstaff liquor store next store https://t.co/mH7lZiGLtF
by EdenAlysia
Flagstaff, AZ
2022-11-25 15:58:06 DST/EDT
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Twitter User 1596224149948887040Statuses 1596224149948887040
Twitter User 1596224149948887040
Michaels_2020: RT @SethDillon: @Esqueer_ The same person who used this platform to call for violence against sitting Supreme Court justices is now quoted…
by Michaels_2020
In the Arena
2022-11-25 14:27:48 DST/EDT
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Twitter User 1596219698076856320Statuses 1596219698076856320
Twitter User 1596219698076856320
callykarishokka: @Bombastic_Shark Nah, it was actually just a Michaels art store.
by callykarishokka
New York, USA
2022-11-25 14:10:07 DST/EDT
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Twitter User 1596219043861917697Statuses 1596219043861917697
Twitter User 1596219043861917697
Djbousquet: @RyansCardssLLC 1.) Michael Jordan 2.) HBK Shawn Michaels ( Real name Michael ) 3.) Michael Jackson 4.) Michael Phe… https://t.co/YAjCFYrHq0
by Djbousquet
San Jose, CA
2022-11-25 14:07:31 DST/EDT
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Twitter User 1596207822349688832Statuses 1596207822349688832
Twitter User 1596207822349688832
barkway: @Cognus518 It is truly a bummer. Used to have more small biz that was really unique and customer-oriented. I had a… https://t.co/T7CtzKG0ha
by barkway
2022-11-25 13:22:55 DST/EDT
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