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Statuses 1560300675413987328sandeep83623: @india_4750 Best Price Flipkart (Walmart) Store Bhucho4750(Bathinda) employees who came to pick up the goods return… https://t.co/lCbsK2wIRO
2022-08-18 16:20:44 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1560300675413987328)

Statuses 1560300353874268167jjirvin: @Walmart re: 7455 W Colfax Ave, Lakewood, CO 80214, we have a chronic problem with shopping carts taken and left al… https://t.co/xPPaxixaeK
2022-08-18 16:19:27 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1560300353874268167)

Statuses 1560300158486597632Lord_Goldmane_I: RT @Theswweet: I hope the Chaos;Head stuff leads to whoever is behind the quite frankly baffling anti-VN crusade at Valve seeing the boot.…
2022-08-18 16:18:41 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1560300158486597632)

Statuses 1560300065125814272redrivergrl: RT @jimgeraghty: MSM/Dems: "LOL OMG CAN YOU BELIEVE HE SAID WEGNERS INSTEAD OF WEGMANS!" Pennsylvania voters: "Yeah, that's hilarious, but…
2022-08-18 16:18:19 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1560300065125814272)

Statuses 1560299192806805504brianmo59535195: @stone_circle We have a crazy associate at our Walmart putting those all over the store. Managers seem to agree wit… https://t.co/8txn9TMUcb
2022-08-18 16:14:51 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1560299192806805504)

Statuses 1560299133461733377Ravenclawinyou: RT @notseelen: @vercetti_jay my first day at Walmart, a Director was at the store he stops me in and snaps, "why are you in aisle 7?? box…
2022-08-18 16:14:37 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1560299133461733377)

Statuses 1560299026448551936SamsGarageSale: I bought the wrong size jeans for my son. Returns took care of it. Very simple. Showed the receipt and done. Store… https://t.co/a5eJmHP6h6
2022-08-18 16:14:11 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1560299026448551936)

Statuses 1560298469914546176DTGlasgowTX: @Walmart I have to be very aware when I shop there. The prices on the shelves are not alway what the register rings… https://t.co/5WGzKXC45c
2022-08-18 16:11:58 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1560298469914546176)

Statuses 1560297880988049409jlitwinetz: I worked at Walmart – the real reason the security barriers beep & it’s NOT because people are stealing https://t.co/rf84lygWTZ
2022-08-18 16:09:38 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1560297880988049409)

Statuses 1560297874168025089ThatRayShow: @ThePanic16 You know you can buy fully roasted chickens at pretty much every grocery store for about the same price… https://t.co/ORtJBSPl2A
2022-08-18 16:09:36 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1560297874168025089)

Statuses 1560297467186253825BindestrichAmi: RT @JamyPaints: @Walmart For 2 years now, your store on village parkway in Winston Salem has been locking entrances and exits "to prevent t…
2022-08-18 16:07:59 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1560297467186253825)

Statuses 1560297353210466305MrsSappGT: Thank you so much to Walmart Neighborhood Store (Guilbeau) for filling our fridge! Thornton faculty & staff will ap… https://t.co/0pQLZC7kjq
2022-08-18 16:07:32 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1560297353210466305)

Statuses 1560297237363625984medicinehelp: CVS, Walgreens and Walmart Must Pay $650.5 Million in Ohio Opioids Case https://t.co/ptMc5WSuhk
2022-08-18 16:07:04 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1560297237363625984)

Statuses 1560296882638934016LegionOfDoomCTG: RT @jimgeraghty: MSM/Dems: "LOL OMG CAN YOU BELIEVE HE SAID WEGNERS INSTEAD OF WEGMANS!" Pennsylvania voters: "Yeah, that's hilarious, but…
2022-08-18 16:05:40 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1560296882638934016)

Statuses 1560296129627045890LDenisew91: @Walmart I’m disappointed in the decline in customer service.I recently shopped at a Walmart where the product was… https://t.co/8LmqB8UgTg
2022-08-18 16:02:40 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1560296129627045890)

Statuses 1560296057086611457wetnwildbeauty: Don't let dry, crusty lips hold your pout back. Get a healthy dose of luscious shine and smooth, firm lips with So… https://t.co/u766fFwsT2
2022-08-18 16:02:23 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1560296057086611457)

Statuses 1560295982050336768GhostHostYT1: RT @preterniadotcom: McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse Gold Label Shazam. People have already been finding him in store at Walmart. https://t.c…
2022-08-18 16:02:05 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1560295982050336768)

Statuses 1560295875087282177BarstoolFinance: According to @wendoverpro, a 3-store visit from Walmart HQ in the Northwest region of the USA could take upwards of… https://t.co/OBSeh2z4dV
2022-08-18 16:01:40 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1560295875087282177)

Statuses 1560294867258990598ClarenceHolmes1: @Walmart Nothing against the homeless, but yesterday I saw a homeless man walking the aisles at Walmart with a dog.… https://t.co/mzb5nhBLdJ
2022-08-18 15:57:39 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1560294867258990598)

Statuses 1560294589067567105_riss_: Gonna try to make it to walmart and the dollar store on my lunch break and pray I don’t get back late
2022-08-18 15:56:33 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1560294589067567105)

Statuses 1560294547376295936AvgAndy: @AmazonHelp I don’t buy groceries from Amazon because the selection is not as good as any grocery store, and the pr… https://t.co/LxfsXFiumv
2022-08-18 15:56:23 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1560294547376295936)

Statuses 1560293756875702272taneiartxo: now how ole boy gone try to flirt w me in the grocery store and as I'm actively placing my groceries on the belt fo… https://t.co/NnAcylTgTT
2022-08-18 15:53:15 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1560293756875702272)

Statuses 1560292977167241216Arly4ever45: @Walmart You better get on your Vero Beach Fl store…cancellations..no delivery or pickup and they either don’t or h… https://t.co/G5e3wcdmTy
2022-08-18 15:50:09 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1560292977167241216)

Statuses 1560292521678438402levicc00123: @Walmart I love Walmart pickup, however my local store doesn't offer delivery service, and I wish it would.
2022-08-18 15:48:20 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1560292521678438402)

Statuses 1560291343389401095Granny_Clear: @TCRocks56 @Walmart Not in my area. Only Aldi beats their prices. Aldi quality on store brands is also better than… https://t.co/iuBYnsOtP4
2022-08-18 15:43:39 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1560291343389401095)

Statuses 1560290119176929280John_Faker: RT @jimgeraghty: MSM/Dems: "LOL OMG CAN YOU BELIEVE HE SAID WEGNERS INSTEAD OF WEGMANS!" Pennsylvania voters: "Yeah, that's hilarious, but…
2022-08-18 15:38:47 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1560290119176929280)

Statuses 1560289996610981889IndyRxVoice: Report: CVS, Walgreens, Walmart fined $650 million in opioid ruling | Chain Store Age https://t.co/02rA7JNoA7
2022-08-18 15:38:18 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1560289996610981889)

Statuses 1560288048092512257forthemommas: Walmart: Wonder Bread Loaf ONLY $2.37 Each Thru 9/18 - https://t.co/mjIdYUZuv6 https://t.co/wUWzY3Xqci
2022-08-18 15:30:34 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1560288048092512257)

Statuses 1560288023752876038deangrl36: @Walmart If you shop at the Clearbrook store in Roanoke Virginia. Don't bring your dog or have them in the cart. We… https://t.co/uDuuFpGLPz
2022-08-18 15:30:28 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1560288023752876038)

Statuses 1560288007122477061_idkkatie_: @MsLlorie6448 where do you shop at? the only grocery store that I know of with a loyalty/rewards card is food lion… https://t.co/HvzpwktzqP
2022-08-18 15:30:24 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1560288007122477061)

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