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Statuses 1140835931538284545jollytyme: https://t.co/SrCjz0EKjp check out my eBay store. #funko #funkopops #marvel #stanlee #vintage #patriots #dolphins… https://t.co/BICH1vus5a
2019-06-18 04:17:36 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1140835931538284545)

Statuses 1140814923364294656ListonEllen: @LaughOutLander It’s how we Southerners give directions. “Do you know where the Sears store used to be?” #nosenseofdirection #southernthings
2019-06-18 02:54:07 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1140814923364294656)

Statuses 1140789293465722880maurice_sears: RT @sixthleafclover: Who would even mess with this guy?! 🐺😱🧐 Prints/high-res/SLC Store. Link in profile. #werewolf #armor #digitalart https…
2019-06-18 01:12:17 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1140789293465722880)

Statuses 1140777704939147264RyanRoastinyall: RT @justmecassidyy: If anyone was at the inland center mall parking lot in front of the Verizon store between Sears & Macy’s yesterday betw…
2019-06-18 00:26:14 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1140777704939147264)

Statuses 1140775234812833792kevinkujo2: Newly discovered documents found after last years closing of the Sears store located in Pontiac, Michigan indicate… https://t.co/ZO9WynlrZ6
2019-06-18 00:16:25 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1140775234812833792)

Statuses 1140738726911520768Josh_BadWriter: I just had the weirdest dream about going on a school field trip to Publix (a local grocery store) only to find it… https://t.co/n4c2FP2om0
2019-06-17 21:51:21 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1140738726911520768)

Statuses 1140737663298936832TheCullmanTimes: The Sears Hometown Store will close by July 19. https://t.co/BSn8ZIAume
2019-06-17 21:47:07 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1140737663298936832)

Statuses 1140712463501004800watdahellistwit: @Sears So disappointed in the local department store and repair service. Gave you a chance to earn my business on t… https://t.co/ChQTgBPxly
2019-06-17 20:06:59 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1140712463501004800)

Statuses 1140702071706066944xstatic180: @Arizonaidiot @AwardsDarwin Sears' naming rights expired in 2003. The building was renamed in 2009. Why? Try goi… https://t.co/qjkc3b1nLI
2019-06-17 19:25:41 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1140702071706066944)

Statuses 1140697421716033536SHCCareers: New #job: Assistant Store Mgr, Hardlines (Sears#1121 Independence, MO) Location: Independence .. https://t.co/JDLRceBDMa #WorkatSHC
2019-06-17 19:07:13 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1140697421716033536)

Statuses 1140694364999553026SHCCareers: New #job: Assistant Store Manager, Hardlines (Sears#1139 Tukwila, WA) Location: Tukwila .. https://t.co/AYDzlzh28d #WorkatSHC
2019-06-17 18:55:04 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1140694364999553026)

Statuses 1140691649040924672SHCCareers: New #job: Store Manager Trainee (Sears#1285 Orlando, FL) Location: Orlando .. https://t.co/sUklZsfKt2 #WorkatSHC
2019-06-17 18:44:16 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1140691649040924672)

Statuses 1140665871523819520RS_Texas: Sears pins its future on small stores selling appliances, mattresses. Here’s what that looks like https://t.co/69xu5FFNKD
2019-06-17 17:01:50 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1140665871523819520)

Statuses 1140657028177596417KyleADOlson: @Super70sSports I suspect young people won't even get the idea of going to Sears for photos. "That store you don't… https://t.co/dpcPbmnAnJ
2019-06-17 16:26:42 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1140657028177596417)

Statuses 1140655057337311233DunnRoss1: @Sears All was reported to the Rockaway NJ store, the Sears install department and Sedgwick Claims on May 19. More… https://t.co/NsLslBvxW3
2019-06-17 16:18:52 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1140655057337311233)

Statuses 1140654498081361921DunnRoss1: @Sedgwick All was reported to the Rockaway NJ store, the Sears install department and Sedgwick Claims on May 19. Mo… https://t.co/GFt5mpr1zl
2019-06-17 16:16:39 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1140654498081361921)

Statuses 1140653337559388165FrankFontana: This weeks episode of “Fix It W/ Frank” comes from last weeks appearance at sears new Home and Life Store in Lafaye… https://t.co/HVUck4yZVx
2019-06-17 16:12:02 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1140653337559388165)

Statuses 1140644066226561024VeraGorman: @ViQueen55 Last time I bought one for my mom we went to the Sears outlet. A lot of the stuff was very damaged, some… https://t.co/LWXgec8J4h
2019-06-17 15:35:12 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1140644066226561024)

Statuses 1140642445765619713brandbazzar: https://t.co/LHCKcyR0Pr Sears Men Store Neck Dress #tie 59" Long 2.75" wide Navy BLu #ebay https://t.co/TMs8ih3X7I
2019-06-17 15:28:45 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1140642445765619713)

Statuses 1140641778112040961ViQueen55: @VeraGorman I know Sears here has a scratch and dent but their prices weren’t the best. We drove a little ways to a… https://t.co/DzV6FxRlBg
2019-06-17 15:26:06 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1140641778112040961)

Statuses 1140621763220516871BrendaD07196961: Monday tip. J.C. Penney, Sears, and etc looked around and all their customers were gone, guess where they went ? Y… https://t.co/IJbOc2kAjm
2019-06-17 14:06:34 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1140621763220516871)

Statuses 1140616535783821318fichefindr: @VeraGorman We went to the Sears scratch and dent store on Northern. Got a great price and since it was scratched a… https://t.co/2i1KL5Hohb
2019-06-17 13:45:48 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1140616535783821318)

Statuses 1140594924351627265agf: RT @agf: .@AGF's Peter Imhof sits down with the @financialpost's Larysa Harapyn to discuss the fate of an iconic department store with Cana…
2019-06-17 12:19:55 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1140594924351627265)

Statuses 1140591205312532481MissiTate: Charlotte Sears Allen Griffith PLAY THIS GAME... IT WOULD BE PERFECT FOR YOU https://t.co/rFHPDkPyjo
2019-06-17 12:05:09 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1140591205312532481)

Statuses 1140578919579574272elevated11810: @TheRoot Go to a Macy’s Sears Bloomingdale Etc any department store. Go check out the security office. You’ll find… https://t.co/CrdhgeS970
2019-06-17 11:16:20 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1140578919579574272)

Statuses 1140574703578468353mountaingrill: @zerohedge Walk into a #Sears and you will find the normal sales hungry staff hiding in the corners like a Moscow department store in 1981.
2019-06-17 10:59:34 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1140574703578468353)

Statuses 1140510016719507457rawrxrandilynn: RT @Suntimes: More than 7,000 stores are already slated to be shuttered in 2019. https://t.co/fzKDoWcn5j
2019-06-17 06:42:32 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1140510016719507457)

Statuses 1140422284198522880GloriaLaw5: RT @stephaniequilao: Sad. This pretty much means the end of B&N. They'll probably go the way of Sears and Toys R Us. Or maybe shut down b…
2019-06-17 00:53:55 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1140422284198522880)

Statuses 1140404172212379648dloewen2: @leahmcelrath @phoenixpolice I worked in a Sears department store on a security detail when I was in High School.… https://t.co/GHpssBIdwW
2019-06-16 23:41:56 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1140404172212379648)

Statuses 1140369495304937472VDOESnow: @jasonvida @christinakvida @OverlookedRVA @SnowJRT @MoodyMiddleSnow @jonhaley @Tony23psu @maseman1313 @MicahAdams13… https://t.co/yEySf8ROoA
2019-06-16 21:24:09 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1140369495304937472)

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