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Statuses 1556393782521876480arnaudklein72: RT @Cinemusic_Radio: En ce moment sur » https://t.co/gu6mVYRnjV #NowPlaying ♪ Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross - The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo…
2022-08-07 21:36:08 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1556393782521876480)

Statuses 1556391945231945729sxylvyhnybee: @JAPGURL7 @BooyerE @ejohnt49 @kenolin1 People say, "I love Christmas, it's the one time a year everyone is nice to… https://t.co/pBlgIw6gu8
2022-08-07 21:28:50 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1556391945231945729)

Statuses 1556377838051151872IDreamOfMe2018: I just saw this girl's tiktok and I was with her. I had no idea the store was called Ross Dress for Less. Thought '… https://t.co/xBAlYK8QRB
2022-08-07 20:32:47 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1556377838051151872)

Statuses 1556375227638386688HeiferPlease_: @KittyKatDeee @inspanish_ @Legend32Real @Bergdorfs @saks ... I didn't say it wasn't a department store, but clearly… https://t.co/SXTNx3HsQ2
2022-08-07 20:22:24 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1556375227638386688)

Statuses 1556372418846941192Ross_soaring4u: RT @equalityAlec: Thread: As Democrats push for $10.5 billion for 100,000 more cops next week, I'm thinking about Cindy Rodriguez. She was…
2022-08-07 20:11:15 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1556372418846941192)

Statuses 1556369609929940993DengDesigns: Check out this product 😍 ROSS Caps 😍 by Deng Designs starting at $45.00. Shop now 👉👉 https://t.co/13438IqZPt https://t.co/5dYdOHB6cW
2022-08-07 20:00:05 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1556369609929940993)

Statuses 1556339633398505472iAllisonMichele: @Jani__Gee You ever been to Marshalls or Ross and they got the security ppl posted at the front looking at the scre… https://t.co/XaAIl4JeN0
2022-08-07 18:00:58 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1556339633398505472)

Statuses 1556338145842667530thaoworra: Spotted some professional grade watercolors abandoned in a secondhand store from a failed attempt to paint like Bob… https://t.co/2aMJrJYWz1
2022-08-07 17:55:03 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1556338145842667530)

Statuses 1556327446600990721ross_couzens: RT @equalityAlec: Cindy was mocked and threatened for having a disability and not being able to pay the company. Even though her grocery st…
2022-08-07 17:12:33 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1556327446600990721)

Statuses 1556327177125302278ross_couzens: RT @equalityAlec: Thread: As Democrats push for $10.5 billion for 100,000 more cops next week, I'm thinking about Cindy Rodriguez. She was…
2022-08-07 17:11:28 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1556327177125302278)

Statuses 1556326955628335105childofnines: I’ve been complimented plenty on outfits that i composed of pieces from the thrift store, Ross and Walmart. It’s al… https://t.co/jGdeeZFVIB
2022-08-07 17:10:36 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1556326955628335105)

Statuses 1556322559058223106JessicaRedland: RT @BoldwoodBooks: 'A rich cast of characters and an explosive plot.' Amazon reviewer ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Start reading #TheSnowKiller 🔪- the start of th…
2022-08-07 16:53:07 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1556322559058223106)

Statuses 1556318606350327809AldiUK: @cheyhutchingsxx Hi Chey. I'd be absolutely fuming ngl, i'm sorry about this! What store are you purchasing these f… https://t.co/7Pz779d3wq
2022-08-07 16:37:25 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1556318606350327809)

Statuses 1556315806363013121AldiUK: @agreenoutdoors That's definitely not right! Sorry, Amy! You can certainly return these to store for another packet… https://t.co/sDcuqzqlid
2022-08-07 16:26:17 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1556315806363013121)

Statuses 1556313596619112457AldiUK: @EricaCollins_x We're really sorry to hear this. If you return to store with the product packaging and the receipt… https://t.co/ga2FblO5nH
2022-08-07 16:17:30 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1556313596619112457)

Statuses 1556310522663936001DengDesigns: Check out this product 😍 ROSS TEES 😍 by Deng Designs starting at $45.00. Shop now 👉👉 https://t.co/nqMEgkFx1V https://t.co/kJyC12sJut
2022-08-07 16:05:18 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1556310522663936001)

Statuses 1556296154551386116AlistairAli: RT @RetroPopMag: Great to see Deacon Blue’s Ricky Ross with his copy of this month’s issue, featuring an #Exclusive interview feature. Have…
2022-08-07 15:08:12 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1556296154551386116)

Statuses 1556295739596324865AlistairAli: RT @RetroPopMag: Deacon Blue frontman Ricky Ross talks going it alone with the double release of his memoir Walking Back Home and latest so…
2022-08-07 15:06:33 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1556295739596324865)

Statuses 1556295058122592257AldiUK: @JonBurrows Hey Jon. We don't see any issues with the Jive Bars on our system. Are they still unavailable in your local store? - Ross
2022-08-07 15:03:51 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1556295058122592257)

Statuses 1556289765242294274AldiUK: @chinnyreckon21 We're sorry to hear this. Please can you advise which store this is so we can feed this back? - Ross
2022-08-07 14:42:49 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1556289765242294274)

Statuses 1556289235954573315AldiUK: @stuart28hs Hi Stuart. We're unable to check availability for you here on Social Media but if you visit your neares… https://t.co/5EX1h4n6MC
2022-08-07 14:40:42 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1556289235954573315)

Statuses 1556289070266982400AldiUK: @consettphil Sorry to hear this. If you wish to return these to store we'll be happy to replace or refund this for you. - Ross
2022-08-07 14:40:03 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1556289070266982400)

Statuses 1556288737881083905AldiUK: @katie43426184 Hi Katie. This is part of our core range selection and should always be available in store. Can you… https://t.co/mPsjIqkuVa
2022-08-07 14:38:44 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1556288737881083905)

Statuses 1556278998644035585MeganoticiasCo: #LoDestacadoMN #MeganoticiasColima #MNCOL 🫓🌮💲 Precio de tortilla podría incrementar a partir del 15 agosto La inf… https://t.co/7mrV9IPFNL
2022-08-07 14:00:02 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1556278998644035585)

Statuses 1556278886232645634RetroPopMag: Deacon Blue frontman Ricky Ross talks going it alone with the double release of his memoir Walking Back Home and la… https://t.co/mH29VRRpAx
2022-08-07 13:59:35 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1556278886232645634)

Statuses 1556254225067302912AldiUK: @Rinny84 Hi there. We're sorry to hear this. If you wish to return these to store we'll be happy to process a refun… https://t.co/b2xd0DLhCU
2022-08-07 12:21:35 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1556254225067302912)

Statuses 1556254048533286913AldiUK: @Shelley03341683 Hi Shelley. We've contacted the store and can confirm this is open. - Ross
2022-08-07 12:20:53 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1556254048533286913)

Statuses 1556252833812463618Aldi_Ireland: @Johncah12472572 We're sorry to hear this and will ensure this is fed back to the Store Manager. - Ross
2022-08-07 12:16:04 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1556252833812463618)

Statuses 1556248814377484289DengDesigns: Check out this product 😍 River Nile Hoodie 😍 by Deng Designs starting at $65.00. Shop now 👉👉… https://t.co/gdNphfgW0m
2022-08-07 12:00:05 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1556248814377484289)

Statuses 1556238128532307968AldiUK: @wolfmanbass Hi there. We're really sorry to hear this. If you return the product packaging to store we'll be happy… https://t.co/kyqekJQu7m
2022-08-07 11:17:38 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1556238128532307968)

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