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Statuses 1280870085632995329tpadams6: @WillieGriswold hi Willie. I was thinking, what if you had the Disney LEGO Castle on layaway at Kmart? The store fi… https://t.co/VNduZJTRi4
2020-07-08 14:23:20 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1280870085632995329)

Statuses 1280861779392753674S_ATL_Wrestling: Of note, I pop REAL hard for the store ones such as Kmart, KayBee Toys, Woolworth, etc.
2020-07-08 13:50:20 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1280861779392753674)

Statuses 1280860997708734465Kmart_alden: えげつないブロックするやん https://t.co/qGxwPRiiVa https://t.co/rajQQ8oARZ
2020-07-08 13:47:13 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1280860997708734465)

Statuses 1280854308880125952dadsoutrunning: @dougboneparth @sperry Yea, it's just interesting. Not a financial guy at all, but I would see these stores in the… https://t.co/uiJHcvZ4n0
2020-07-08 13:20:39 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1280854308880125952)

Statuses 1280796701561946114VRChatKmart: Anyone ask for Loli #LittleCaesars? Pick up the Little Caesars loli avatars at your #VRChat #Kmart main store. https://t.co/IK72XXI4jN
2020-07-08 09:31:44 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1280796701561946114)

Statuses 1280757360101691393brielliii: things i don’t remember: literally anything from school things i do remember: the layout of every kmart store
2020-07-08 06:55:24 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1280757360101691393)

Statuses 1280694046428549121andybg_andy: @rowen316 I thought KMart closed! Dollar Store perhaps?
2020-07-08 02:43:49 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1280694046428549121)

Statuses 1280680704418832384voidrantsback: When I worked in EB games, I had a customer try to pricematch from a KMart catalogue of 2 years prior. When I follo… https://t.co/25sbtSUsn3
2020-07-08 01:50:48 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1280680704418832384)

Statuses 1280652934527758339bloomrigo: @livsparis me too kmart is a really cool store
2020-07-08 00:00:27 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1280652934527758339)

Statuses 1280630911948787712DearKEVA: I really be on Walmart website ordering shit like I’m in the store. Toothpaste, shower caps, lotion, washcloths,… https://t.co/ODnT4gDK0F
2020-07-07 22:32:57 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1280630911948787712)

Statuses 1280575657039233029violanorth: @andy_schauer @_omgigi_ I'm saying that we don't get to assign the impact our words have. Most of Mpls is not incon… https://t.co/DxQmSlvYKK
2020-07-07 18:53:23 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1280575657039233029)

Statuses 1280511774421389312MDonnachadh: @tyler_casper Both, mostly hand me downs or second hand store clothes though... If it was new, it was Kmart... Yep,… https://t.co/ge0b022wp4
2020-07-07 14:39:32 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1280511774421389312)

Statuses 1280501032070643712Cpcasserly: @ErinMayeQuade @violanorth The Kmart that employed 100 locals, was a lifeline for food and goods for low-income res… https://t.co/pn9Lf8LaRt
2020-07-07 13:56:51 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1280501032070643712)

Statuses 1280478137437077504thefirkster: @annsteinerphoto That’s actually a ladies gray suit I bought at a salvation army store. My dad had white shoes. the… https://t.co/M8Xl9Ol2J0
2020-07-07 12:25:52 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1280478137437077504)

Statuses 1280380439278972928Josh_B_Rosner: My local @Kmart_Australia store with NOTHING on its shelves. Sign claims #covid19australia supply issue, but is tha… https://t.co/H7LKScxVbO
2020-07-07 05:57:39 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1280380439278972928)

Statuses 1280330324191346690violanorth: @_omgigi_ It was definitely a bad planning decision to put it where it is, but the store itself always seemed like… https://t.co/60i4DJJzhF
2020-07-07 02:38:31 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1280330324191346690)

Statuses 1280325436661288960moogpaul: @chantellephant KMART is actually gone now. They've been liquidated the entire store for months. Like everything. Y… https://t.co/SeUpbI5vm6
2020-07-07 02:19:06 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1280325436661288960)

Statuses 1280249189436395520britttanyjeann: I worked customer service at Kmart and this old lady threatened to have her husband come in the store to beat me bc… https://t.co/phBFjLfyZb
2020-07-06 21:16:07 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1280249189436395520)

Statuses 1280245470757978112RalphyRollback: @newscomauHQ 2 b canned from a shit show like @TheTodayShow I’d say that’s a win 4 @PaulineHansonOz. Part of what s… https://t.co/WU7nhV1d1q
2020-07-06 21:01:20 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1280245470757978112)

Statuses 1280188008180916230RobinAndersonF1: @deirdrestatham Not the rudest or weirdest - top of my head - people would come into Zellers Home Ent & ask me to p… https://t.co/yzP2CFDEgf
2020-07-06 17:13:00 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1280188008180916230)

Statuses 1280116487567572994WataStrangeLife: @clipsgirl Top to bottom, I was Kmart, I did not know there was another clothes store.
2020-07-06 12:28:48 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1280116487567572994)

Statuses 1280065821629267970Jaz07P: @IndiAcidSnake New Kmart store near me :)
2020-07-06 09:07:29 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1280065821629267970)

Statuses 1279994218618945538Linvascanvas: RT @millcitycitizen: S. Mpls. KMart, located about 1.5 miles from where George Floyd was killed, was slated to close 6/30. The damages suff…
2020-07-06 04:22:57 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1279994218618945538)

Statuses 1279936211738456064kirsty_acnh: 11) favourite store ; uhhh gaming wise eb games , clothing wise cotton on and random house decor wise Kmart or warehouse ☺️
2020-07-06 00:32:27 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1279936211738456064)

Statuses 1279935620178227200millcitycitizen: S. Mpls. KMart, located about 1.5 miles from where George Floyd was killed, was slated to close 6/30. The damages s… https://t.co/HaCh4UuBCO
2020-07-06 00:30:06 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1279935620178227200)

Statuses 1279929382648324096Cartoonico: RT @frostychama: worked at Kmart a few years ago and a guy called the store once and attempted to roleplay diaper fetish, age regression, p…
2020-07-06 00:05:19 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1279929382648324096)

Statuses 1279909083374485504mwalinu: RT @NewsOfMelbourne: Coronavirus Victoria: Kmart Footscray store in Melbourne closed after team member tests positive to COVID-19 - https:/…
2020-07-05 22:44:39 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1279909083374485504)

Statuses 1279888593641779201angryarisen: RT @frostychama: worked at Kmart a few years ago and a guy called the store once and attempted to roleplay diaper fetish, age regression, p…
2020-07-05 21:23:14 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1279888593641779201)

Statuses 1279887120258252805frostychama: worked at Kmart a few years ago and a guy called the store once and attempted to roleplay diaper fetish, age regres… https://t.co/r2AInPXK3J
2020-07-05 21:17:23 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1279887120258252805)

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