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Statuses 1559434723998322689KapilLambhate: Last week only #DTDC has delivered one parcel on the same address
2022-08-16 06:59:45 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1559434723998322689)

Statuses 1559429409001459712seafarer_vikash: Sir,I applied at RLO kolkata for reissue of my GOC booklet,which I lost unfortunately, With all relevant docs. But… https://t.co/aiwJYtWo0G
2022-08-16 06:38:38 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1559429409001459712)

Statuses 1559423732032348160VIVE_1988: @DTDCIndia @dtdc courier I don't know why you hire such lazy employees and a delivery team. My consignment number i… https://t.co/A3RftmWbeA
2022-08-16 06:16:05 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1559423732032348160)

Statuses 1559422472385994752Mritunj27545479: @DTDCMumbai shame on you people..till now there is no response from your end..i request all indians not to use DTDC… https://t.co/Zco0Gmfe2C
2022-08-16 06:11:04 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1559422472385994752)

Statuses 1559415901245829120Dineshv2491: @DTDCIndia DTDC customer care told it has to be informed at the time of booking. I told them, I already informed in… https://t.co/DKuEq3vG0l
2022-08-16 05:44:58 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1559415901245829120)

Statuses 1559415686367412226Dineshv2491: @DTDCIndia After that I called DTDC customer care and after 10mins of wait, our customer care is busy and we noted… https://t.co/53WBU4vsLX
2022-08-16 05:44:06 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1559415686367412226)

Statuses 1559415520092381184Dineshv2491: @DTDCIndia sent a courier through DTDC. I didn't receive tax invoice for my courier. I asked in DTDC branch while s… https://t.co/VAuzG1QhQw
2022-08-16 05:43:27 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1559415520092381184)

Statuses 1559414983594610689Dineshv2491: @DTDCIndia DTDC is running bussiness without paying GST to government of India? DTDC is not providing tax invoice f… https://t.co/4SGq16pXve
2022-08-16 05:41:19 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1559414983594610689)

Statuses 1559414369242726400sujata_soy: @DTDCIndia I couriered some documents on 9th August from dwarka sector 19 to Lucknow and the courier is not yet del… https://t.co/mNTytOVB17
2022-08-16 05:38:52 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1559414369242726400)

Statuses 1559413649650753536ArunimaPV1: @DTDCIndia @SubhasishDTDC @PawanValecha6 Tracking ID: R46050496 Status as of 14th August says item delivered(sup… https://t.co/ai9xZfA3hI
2022-08-16 05:36:01 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1559413649650753536)

Statuses 1559411399566143489Anil0123Rajput: RT @Anil0123Rajput: @DTDCIndia. Consignment no - B12807603 Phone number : 6005880208 On tracking portal the status is delivered but i ha…
2022-08-16 05:27:04 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1559411399566143489)

Statuses 1559410413078339584modakbittu4433: It's 10.44 am now, your DTDC store is closed, still not open, your service is so bad! @DTDCIndia https://t.co/7xERQ5BncV
2022-08-16 05:23:09 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1559410413078339584)

Statuses 1559409131458400256Jspatel2891: @SubhasishMP respected sir it's very penic situation regarding DTDC service. Rakhi booked on 06.08.2022 regular in… https://t.co/BNtTo3f73e
2022-08-16 05:18:04 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1559409131458400256)

Statuses 1559400647220293632gyana5: @DTDCIndia shipment No M10482662, What is happening the article not reached at its location booked on 11th AUG. If… https://t.co/maUuD1mSfw
2022-08-16 04:44:21 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1559400647220293632)

Statuses 1559399922356535296Sector109: @DTDCIndia @nurserylive There is no delivery even to this date Both these companies look bogus to me, next i wil… https://t.co/NJC3SVsHMt
2022-08-16 04:41:28 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1559399922356535296)

Statuses 1559397490100539392rinkuidid: @DTDCIndia iam thoroughly shocked @ cheating of dtdc indore, they r thieves hv not delivered our courier if persis… https://t.co/KJlPDckpLT
2022-08-16 04:31:48 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1559397490100539392)

Statuses 1559396460348993536atul2807: @DTDCIndia I sent rakhi via dtdc courier pune. Couple of packages not delivered and no response from dtdc. I raised… https://t.co/1xR6DSEw75
2022-08-16 04:27:42 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1559396460348993536)

Statuses 1559394295538323456Anil0123Rajput: @DTDCIndia. Consignment no - B12807603 Phone number : 6005880208 On tracking portal the status is delivered but… https://t.co/ZIujY0QVou
2022-08-16 04:19:06 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1559394295538323456)

Statuses 1559389418196127744SumitSuryan: Dear DTDC Team, My Courier T13640451 was booked on dated 10-08-2022 from Kundali Haryana and destination PIN 110059… https://t.co/pksiVDYAPR
2022-08-16 03:59:44 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1559389418196127744)

Statuses 1559365758295019520durgeshji123: @DTDCIndia AWB no-D46756038 hold in Jabalpur since 9 august .worst ever service of DTDC local this is not one parsa… https://t.co/XYod9bTgl7
2022-08-16 02:25:43 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1559365758295019520)

Statuses 1559360752326086657Halder_Subh: @DTDCIndia id - k57134651 Shipped the item on 5th August using overnight DTDC . The dtdc store made some mistake a… https://t.co/u1EQkepuIi
2022-08-16 02:05:49 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1559360752326086657)

Statuses 1559355235956817920EnlineaE: Day 21 Update. @DTDCIndia @dtdcaustralia #DTDC still no one is trying to give an update. Means no one is even tryin… https://t.co/K44Wuz47bN
2022-08-16 01:43:54 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1559355235956817920)

Statuses 1559343481402834944dtdc_dwarka: ✅ Courier Pick Up Service in Sagar Pur,✅Courier Service in Sagar Pur ,✅Courier Pickup, Parcel Pickup, Parcel Servic… https://t.co/Xry0abv34i
2022-08-16 00:57:11 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1559343481402834944)

Statuses 1559270014272040960DTDCIndia: @rashi1825 Hi Rashil, Greetings for the day ! We regrets the delay, Please share us the sender details, invoice co… https://t.co/dtYys6Q5K5
2022-08-15 20:05:15 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1559270014272040960)

Statuses 1559219526402994176Vitdwesh: #dreamdaredeliver Practice Followed at DTDC. Approach of the Owner cum Leader. Mr Subhashish Chakraborty himself https://t.co/l9Daj6ww37
2022-08-15 16:44:38 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1559219526402994176)

Statuses 1559192636560289792navojit92: @DTDCIndia I found my courier broken.Same was communicated to dtdc local office but no response
2022-08-15 14:57:47 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1559192636560289792)

Statuses 1559150550045757441Adityakmis88: @DTDCIndia #dtdc_courier My consignment M10335810 has reached to delhi transyamuna branch on 11thaug,8 am but still… https://t.co/28LI1uSIv1
2022-08-15 12:10:33 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1559150550045757441)

Statuses 1559141403392819201Freby_40: @ShivRawat2 B11900194 my package is missing it is not delivered tracking id shows that my package in Hyderabad dtd… https://t.co/DJQjvxnuXc
2022-08-15 11:34:12 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1559141403392819201)

Statuses 1559126062558105600ram_yadav1988: मेरी मेडीक्लेम पालिसी 1 जुलाई को DTDC के माध्यम से शिप हुई थी जिसको डेढ़ महीने बीत गए हैं लेकिन अभी तक मुझे प्राप्त… https://t.co/GlkiVnmCQe
2022-08-15 10:33:15 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1559126062558105600)

Statuses 1559123932908703749mdu9os786: @dhiraj_prsd @DTDCIndia Worst experience I have ever face with DTDC because you guys did not support us and not abl… https://t.co/wzirprqgch
2022-08-15 10:24:47 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1559123932908703749)

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