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Statuses 1556394290632396800CathyTiedemann: @JoyceWhiteVance I have a container that let's me store yogurt (plain Greek is my preference), with fresh fruit and… https://t.co/vDWdhN6osf
2022-08-07 21:38:09 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1556394290632396800)

Statuses 1556392629088428032CougarTrainee: Remember when Gen X could go to the store alone at this age with a note to buy cigarettes along with that loaf of b… https://t.co/Rt6H406JE9
2022-08-07 21:31:33 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1556392629088428032)

Statuses 1556387097296117760JeremiaBryanR: RT @Avast_o: Just dropped racks at the container store https://t.co/9EbE4LkHAv
2022-08-07 21:09:34 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1556387097296117760)

Statuses 1556386033004077060blackmetalbrews: @turnbullet666 Yeah I'm looking for anything except uline for obvious reasons. I found some boxes that are the righ… https://t.co/GJVcEixp3c
2022-08-07 21:05:21 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1556386033004077060)

Statuses 1556385856549789696HiiiiiiitMonke: RT @Avast_o: Just dropped racks at the container store https://t.co/9EbE4LkHAv
2022-08-07 21:04:39 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1556385856549789696)

Statuses 1556385075779993609Avast_o: Just dropped racks at the container store https://t.co/9EbE4LkHAv
2022-08-07 21:01:32 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1556385075779993609)

Statuses 1556383180105605120hateupton: @blackmetalbrews Mine is not the most cost effective route: but I bought four "milk crates" from the Container Stor… https://t.co/NNXrCsh48x
2022-08-07 20:54:00 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1556383180105605120)

Statuses 1556382173237841925mathmania64: RT @mathmania64: 🟥 Vintage Johnson's Paste Wax metal tin can & lid with 58¢ Kmart price sales sticker Racine WI round container retro kitc…
2022-08-07 20:50:00 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1556382173237841925)

Statuses 1556380402838867968sproutsfm: @KateTafelski You are welcome to bring in your own containers. They must be clean, and you will need to stop by a… https://t.co/O2gGzqjAB7
2022-08-07 20:42:58 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1556380402838867968)

Statuses 1556379356561391616hughqelliott: If anyone asks me what I need at a store, I will invariably say “A loaf of bread, a container of milk and a stick o… https://t.co/0IBCAmU29C
2022-08-07 20:38:49 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1556379356561391616)

Statuses 1556376788246355968wavesofgrays: “Just one more trip to The Container Store and all my life’s problems will be solved.”
2022-08-07 20:28:37 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1556376788246355968)

Statuses 1556376087478865924CoachMcElGainz: @CanesFootball @TheRock Please store your carry on in the container above your seat.
2022-08-07 20:25:49 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1556376087478865924)

Statuses 1556364112958894080StcFangirl: @jlgrantham @HistoryMuppet The corner store where Mom would send me only had 1 size, quarts. Had to go to the bigge… https://t.co/M3MmHq7kZT
2022-08-07 19:38:15 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1556364112958894080)

Statuses 1556363211020066819Quercetum42: @AgileWaters BIL has a Thule rooftop container and no garage to store it in. they've had it on their vehicle for a… https://t.co/qOSVNgcAWp
2022-08-07 19:34:39 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1556363211020066819)

Statuses 1556362447086387221d3ft0ne: How do I know I'm an old? I went to the Container Store for the first time and it was almost as euphoric as walking into a record store.
2022-08-07 19:31:37 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1556362447086387221)

Statuses 1556358524871000066ContainerStore: If it's #pantryorganization that you crave, look no further than #TheContainerStore! 💙Swipe right to see the before… https://t.co/Vid7cHB6DF
2022-08-07 19:16:02 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1556358524871000066)

Statuses 1556357164075212803princessofdoge: I just threw what I consider to be a temper tantrum in the Lexington, TN @Walmart & I’d do it again. I highly recom… https://t.co/8gjV2ip7cZ
2022-08-07 19:10:38 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1556357164075212803)

Statuses 1556356915424382978kdewar18: Picked up my grocery order today … no issues previously, but opened my @PresChoice margarine container when I got h… https://t.co/0B8aexnC6l
2022-08-07 19:09:39 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1556356915424382978)

Statuses 1556356022209486849brooketorious: @MeghanCArnold Literally nobody would think it’s OK for me to store a car-sized storage container on the street ind… https://t.co/5VmyZCRb7D
2022-08-07 19:06:06 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1556356022209486849)

Statuses 1556353724817281024rachelkmont: the container store is just ikea for people with mental illness
2022-08-07 18:56:58 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1556353724817281024)

Statuses 1556352792704450561spottyannoyance: @eibrehs_ @BeardedGeek72 @blobbynfriends I can go down to the dollar store, right now, and pick up a container of c… https://t.co/Zjcd0UxAZU
2022-08-07 18:53:16 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1556352792704450561)

Statuses 1556352365543845888beejohnie: no i don’t want a boyfriend, i NEED someone to go with me to the container store
2022-08-07 18:51:34 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1556352365543845888)

Statuses 1556351647810342912harrycovair: RT @ktasuperstores: Get ready for week 2 of "Back to School" with prepping a quick Grab & Go Breakfast for the week. This Apple Cinnamon Mu…
2022-08-07 18:48:43 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1556351647810342912)

Statuses 1556350004385656832TheCiscoKidder: RT @LizerReal: "I'm finally gonna straighten out my life," I think to myself every single time I walk into The Container Store
2022-08-07 18:42:11 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1556350004385656832)

Statuses 1556348105880215557SarcasticSadOne: RT @LizerReal: "I'm finally gonna straighten out my life," I think to myself every single time I walk into The Container Store
2022-08-07 18:34:38 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1556348105880215557)

Statuses 1556343304916172800girlyiamnotreal: ok guys I’m bored and just went into the container store so. ready to get married
2022-08-07 18:15:34 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1556343304916172800)

Statuses 1556342418886107136barrel_rolls: RT @LizerReal: "I'm finally gonna straighten out my life," I think to myself every single time I walk into The Container Store
2022-08-07 18:12:02 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1556342418886107136)

Statuses 1556336217817587714leighleighmw: @jeffreytran 5 oz white glue ½ cup water Food coloring (optional) ½ tsp baking soda 1 tbsp saline solution We have… https://t.co/7nAdmWxPiH
2022-08-07 17:47:24 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1556336217817587714)

Statuses 1556335718707843073BobbyBeaulac: RT @LizerReal: "I'm finally gonna straighten out my life," I think to myself every single time I walk into The Container Store
2022-08-07 17:45:25 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1556335718707843073)

Statuses 1556334037748400129Alkassa27930641: Pyrex Circular Glass Storage Container Set with Lids | 6 Piece Simply Store Meal Prep Glass Food Storage Containers… https://t.co/HfGLhS84iT
2022-08-07 17:38:44 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1556334037748400129)

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