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Statuses 1174296749478838273nalin_mittal: @BlueDart_ what is the way to schedule a home pick up for a big courier package? It is very surprising that you do… https://t.co/5LiU5wmbSg
2019-09-18 12:18:57 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1174296749478838273)

Statuses 1174295501954379776jaanwar_: @ICICIBank closes a current account without informing. @BlueDart_ returns the Demand Draft without attempting to d… https://t.co/FaAVaokW9K
2019-09-18 12:13:59 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1174295501954379776)

Statuses 1174295404810096640Divyanshu_AdvN: RT @CitiusHolidays: @VFSGlobal Hi need your help out 3 guest passports are with Bluedart Mumbai way bill no 3684258180 , we have sent mail…
2019-09-18 12:13:36 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1174295404810096640)

Statuses 1174294876386512898CitiusHolidays: @VFSGlobal Hi need your help out 3 guest passports are with Bluedart Mumbai way bill no 3684258180 , we have sent m… https://t.co/ChTeDYIBIe
2019-09-18 12:11:30 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1174294876386512898)

Statuses 1174294522492112897kpritam22: @BlueDart_ @BlueDartCares Response here as well is standard...looks to system generated.. fabulous customer care service
2019-09-18 12:10:06 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1174294522492112897)

Statuses 1174294435992985600bj_bhavikjoshi: @BlueDartCares @HDFC_Bank @HDFCBank_Cares One more day has gone and grivence still not redressed. Thanks to @BlueDart_ @BlueDartCares
2019-09-18 12:09:45 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1174294435992985600)

Statuses 1174292765431058434BlueDart_: @Dinesh35108898 Dear Dinesh, we regret the inconvenience caused, We request you to please coordinate with us on BDC… https://t.co/VdzTg4FrUS
2019-09-18 12:03:07 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1174292765431058434)

Statuses 1174292639853625346kpritam22: @BlueDart_ BlueDart customer care number(18002331234) never reachable. Delivery guys from HSR Bangalore always upda… https://t.co/jtu13h7ROx
2019-09-18 12:02:37 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1174292639853625346)

Statuses 1174292406188953601BlueDart_: @akash_ca1 Dear Akash, we regret the inconvenience caused. We are already working on your case, our team will assis… https://t.co/N0xGhwwaxY
2019-09-18 12:01:41 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1174292406188953601)

Statuses 1174287293743419393DTDCIndia: @AimaShishir @DTDCSupport @BlueDart_ @bluedart We apologize for the delay in services. We assure you to never repeat the same in future.
2019-09-18 11:41:22 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1174287293743419393)

Statuses 1174286001230864384HomeCentreIndia: @AkshayFullofLyf We are sorry to inform you that your product is help in one of the warehouse of Bluedart and due t… https://t.co/DYtRMXcPsI
2019-09-18 11:36:14 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1174286001230864384)

Statuses 1174284299106840582gauravbhartiya: RT @yogeshkapil: Such pathetic customersupport @BlueDartCares, i am very much disappointed and don't know what to do to get my parcel. i a…
2019-09-18 11:29:28 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1174284299106840582)

Statuses 1174283594027565056ashishks55: @TAUSEEFNAQVI @BlueDart_ @BlueDartCares @AmericanExpress Sad to hear this :(
2019-09-18 11:26:40 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1174283594027565056)

Statuses 1174278887045353473TAUSEEFNAQVI: @BlueDart_ @BlueDartCares @AmericanExpress AWB No 36641564503 couldn't pick up the phone in the first place so, I c… https://t.co/C8YXGDtSoQ
2019-09-18 11:07:58 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1174278887045353473)

Statuses 1174277356086677505AimaShishir: @DTDCIndia @DTDCSupport @BlueDart_ @bluedart Either u r smart or u tends to be.... Anyways thanks fr delivery after… https://t.co/g85JwGpMo1
2019-09-18 11:01:53 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1174277356086677505)

Statuses 1174277187991506944yogeshkapil: Such pathetic customersupport @BlueDartCares, i am very much disappointed and don't know what to do to get my parce… https://t.co/JlrT9583u0
2019-09-18 11:01:13 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1174277187991506944)

Statuses 1174277184711622657yogeshkapil: Waybill No 36657565733, @BlueDartCares, your people hold my parcel and updating fake status like " Incomplete Addre… https://t.co/8y7W2aOqIc
2019-09-18 11:01:12 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1174277184711622657)

Statuses 1174275457715527680souravm83523991: @BlueDartCares I have 2 packets to be delivered - 15755681255 & 15755681266. The earlier packet was shown that deli… https://t.co/fONXco21TV
2019-09-18 10:54:20 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1174275457715527680)

Statuses 1174275400463241216DTDCIndia: @AimaShishir @DTDCSupport @BlueDart_ @bluedart Please DM us the shipment number, receiver's address and contact num… https://t.co/AIDnXifqxi
2019-09-18 10:54:07 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1174275400463241216)

Statuses 1174272295474520064AnilPatna123: @BlueDart_ very sorry yr service no no is working I am fed up
2019-09-18 10:41:46 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1174272295474520064)

Statuses 1174269618237648902akash_ca1: @BlueDart_ what's the status of this shipment. I haven't received it yet. Tracking Id 36715174366 Mob no 93344498811
2019-09-18 10:31:08 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1174269618237648902)

Statuses 1174269503942868993tarun_phalswal: No one contacted me and updated wrong status on Bluedart tracking page. Shame on you. AWB: 36761172781 Phone: 8377904525 @BlueDartCares
2019-09-18 10:30:41 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1174269503942868993)

Statuses 1174266541782835200DTDCIndia: @AimaShishir @DTDCSupport @BlueDart_ We have responded to you on your previous tweet. Please check and help with th… https://t.co/iBccU6chjv
2019-09-18 10:18:55 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1174266541782835200)

Statuses 1174266399558184961DTDCIndia: @AimaShishir @DTDCSupport @BlueDart_ Please DM us the shipment number, receiver's address and contact number. Do me… https://t.co/AEXcQQHqsp
2019-09-18 10:18:21 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1174266399558184961)

Statuses 1174266062906548224Aish_kash: @BlueDart_ @BlueDartCares HOW MANY MORE YEARS YOU WILL TAKE TO RESOLVE MY ISSUE. WORST SERVICE !!
2019-09-18 10:17:00 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1174266062906548224)

Statuses 1174262551389097986eeshankant: @StanChartHelpIN my card ending with 0226 bluedart awb 36312619265 @BlueDartCares when I mention always to deliver… https://t.co/kSrbeu5Z2c
2019-09-18 10:03:03 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1174262551389097986)

Statuses 1174261380180054022kadam1355141: @BlueDart_ @BlueDartCares Mail send kindly resolve the issuse on priority its frustrating now after following your customer service
2019-09-18 09:58:24 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1174261380180054022)

Statuses 1174260752280162305Aish_kash: @BlueDartCares @BlueDart_ Can you please re-attempt the delivery of my courier AWBNo. 36652015654 Yesterday i was… https://t.co/fdVGQSe4uD
2019-09-18 09:55:54 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1174260752280162305)

Statuses 1174260752221384704Dinesh35108898: @suniltams @TataCLiQ @BlueDart_ @Bahadurgarh these companies can never understand the loss what a common people bea… https://t.co/VQFF31Y09W
2019-09-18 09:55:54 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1174260752221384704)

Statuses 1174260388373942272suniltams: @Dinesh35108898 @TataCLiQ @BlueDart_ @Bahadurgarh These people are really pathetic
2019-09-18 09:54:27 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1174260388373942272)

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