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Statuses 1143804318686089217archiebabygirl: 😍😍😍 @DavidArchie #SomeoneToLove 🎡 love this song. #DavidArchuletaβ€πŸ˜ƒ #PostcardsInTheSky thank you @archies_vanny https://t.co/8BK9t9Kb3S
2019-06-26 08:52:55 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1143804318686089217)

Statuses 1143797612690231298archieprincess1: @archies_vanny @DavidArchie Now i have four only. Just deleted one of them.
2019-06-26 08:26:16 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1143797612690231298)

Statuses 1143795332754661376JaySpurs82: RT @archiesjourney1: SHARE.SHARE SHARE - RT RT RT βš½οΈπŸ’™βš½οΈπŸ’™ https://t.co/LvJOvby5SF
2019-06-26 08:17:12 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1143795332754661376)

Statuses 1143794490920054784PoppyisaYid: RT @archiesjourney1: SHARE.SHARE SHARE - RT RT RT βš½οΈπŸ’™βš½οΈπŸ’™ https://t.co/LvJOvby5SF
2019-06-26 08:13:51 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1143794490920054784)

Statuses 1143794440827482112archieprincess1: @archies_vanny @DavidArchie I've been had @tiktok_us for a while now. I have five accounts on that.
2019-06-26 08:13:40 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1143794440827482112)

Statuses 1143785956492734464archies_vanny: https://t.co/ciWFkc5pPf
2019-06-26 07:39:57 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1143785956492734464)

Statuses 1143785208375730176archies_vanny: 😱😍 Queen Creek Performing Arts Center https://t.co/77Ro9jhq2E shows new pic of David Archuleta @DavidArchie https://t.co/v6gX1BEnK7
2019-06-26 07:36:58 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1143785208375730176)

Statuses 1143783136205127680_GrayJ_: RT @archiesjourney1: SHARE.SHARE SHARE - RT RT RT βš½οΈπŸ’™βš½οΈπŸ’™ https://t.co/LvJOvby5SF
2019-06-26 07:28:44 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1143783136205127680)

Statuses 1143779565380218886netballresults: Dean Close TUESDAY - Division High 4 +1Man: The Archies beat Hoops upside your head (21 - 15) https://t.co/h5BcLQpV1v
2019-06-26 07:14:33 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1143779565380218886)

Statuses 1143779127188738049youngy2mark: RT @archiesjourney1: SHARE.SHARE SHARE - RT RT RT βš½οΈπŸ’™βš½οΈπŸ’™ https://t.co/LvJOvby5SF
2019-06-26 07:12:48 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1143779127188738049)

Statuses 1143778300831158273archiesjourney1: SHARE.SHARE SHARE - RT RT RT βš½οΈπŸ’™βš½οΈπŸ’™ https://t.co/LvJOvby5SF
2019-06-26 07:09:31 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1143778300831158273)

Statuses 1143765830070501376LoriPlanken: RT @BibbiLou: 1994 Archies Pals N Gals Double Digest No 7 https://t.co/cJMJG2Qj1k via @Etsy
2019-06-26 06:19:58 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1143765830070501376)

Statuses 1143765262367244288kayleysakamoto: no one: riverdale writers: so first i was thinking we amputate archies leg...
2019-06-26 06:17:43 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1143765262367244288)

Statuses 1143756174115758082archies_vanny: Aww... 😍😍😍 David Archuleta @DavidArchie https://t.co/GEIzg35atR
2019-06-26 05:41:36 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1143756174115758082)

Statuses 1143755715644928000ThisTrainIsLost: I’ve been thinking that maybe I’m going about this the wrong way, that perhaps I am out of touch with what the gene… https://t.co/YvgM0cbd08
2019-06-26 05:39:47 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1143755715644928000)

Statuses 1143755406671396865lesliedines: @GustavoArellano The Archies!
2019-06-26 05:38:33 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1143755406671396865)

Statuses 1143753315873906689Archies_Online: You need to be a genius to solve this but then we all have little genius inside us! Solve, share and challenge your… https://t.co/Rd6ZRijr55
2019-06-26 05:30:15 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1143753315873906689)

Statuses 1143741540852015105noradotcool: pretty sure three people just left archies cuz i walked in 😢
2019-06-26 04:43:27 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1143741540852015105)

Statuses 1143717111828627456marymar2280: RT @Margari2929Vas: @GwenPo @archies_vanny @lisameetarchie @alen_alen3 @erlindita @tuprelldrisquel @ACaro_Ayala @marymar2280 @michelle0423g…
2019-06-26 03:06:23 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1143717111828627456)

Statuses 1143716077886513152Margari2929Vas: @ferrimas19 @archies_vanny @lisameetarchie @alen_alen3 @erlindita @tuprelldrisquel @ACaro_Ayala @marymar2280… https://t.co/nnnq0czsa3
2019-06-26 03:02:16 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1143716077886513152)

Statuses 1143715496618942464erlindita: @Margari2929Vas @archies_vanny @lisameetarchie @alen_alen3 @tuprelldrisquel @ACaro_Ayala @marymar2280… https://t.co/XAxQBSiEWa
2019-06-26 02:59:58 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1143715496618942464)

Statuses 1143714813870141440Margari2929Vas: @GwenPo @archies_vanny @lisameetarchie @alen_alen3 @erlindita @tuprelldrisquel @ACaro_Ayala @marymar2280… https://t.co/AdpEqEQQA6
2019-06-26 02:57:15 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1143714813870141440)

Statuses 1143713635161657344Margari2929Vas: RT @GwenPo: @Margari2929Vas @archies_vanny @lisameetarchie @alen_alen3 @erlindita @tuprelldrisquel @ACaro_Ayala @marymar2280 @michelle0423g…
2019-06-26 02:52:34 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1143713635161657344)

Statuses 1143712662750019584SkotChristopher: @giantspecks @mjblair Blink-182 is the Archies of the 1990s
2019-06-26 02:48:42 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1143712662750019584)

Statuses 1143703706547785728SageSetarcos: The Archies - Sugar, Sugar (Extended Rework David Kust Candy Remix Edit)... https://t.co/mIJOT15VEo via @YouTube
2019-06-26 02:13:07 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1143703706547785728)

Statuses 1143698677149552640archies_vanny: RT @kimak: Hey check this out https://t.co/422qNXGrDd
2019-06-26 01:53:08 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1143698677149552640)

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