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Statuses 1143600246863335427FONZ_FM: The Archies - Sugar, Sugar
2019-06-25 19:22:00 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1143600246863335427)

Statuses 1143600039626989573ddim_yn_sant: @englishtainment Wasn’t QAND a song by the Archies?
2019-06-25 19:21:11 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1143600039626989573)

Statuses 1143596224106455041NightclubGenius: @TheRobio @HueyLewisNews @rayparkerjr Contacted Huey personally to inform him of TheRobio attempting to sing Huey's… https://t.co/ubtiUtlWt9
2019-06-25 19:06:01 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1143596224106455041)

Statuses 1143595061931859968BillSingleton83: @memphisnews The Archies
2019-06-25 19:01:24 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1143595061931859968)

Statuses 1143589466549833728archies_vanny: RT @archies_vanny: @DavidArchie New Christmas tour dates , new video or new album release??? David Archuleta 😱😱😱 https://t.co/S1mG38RML5
2019-06-25 18:39:10 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1143589466549833728)

Statuses 1143589267198734336archies_vanny: @DavidArchie New Christmas tour dates , new video or new album release??? David Archuleta 😱😱😱 https://t.co/S1mG38RML5
2019-06-25 18:38:22 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1143589267198734336)

Statuses 1143589151607885829dallasrbaird: RT @anofiscal: @TheRynheart @dallasrbaird they're like the archies from hell
2019-06-25 18:37:55 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1143589151607885829)

Statuses 1143588651944857600FFessenmeyer: Bon j'ai plus de batterie et mes photos sont archies floues mais Liberty, Djo, Grand-père remportent un prix. Saint… https://t.co/mC9pSZG5o6
2019-06-25 18:35:56 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1143588651944857600)

Statuses 1143586713400483841anofiscal: @TheRynheart @dallasrbaird they're like the archies from hell
2019-06-25 18:28:13 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1143586713400483841)

Statuses 1143586678621081600archies_vanny: RT @DavidArchie: https://t.co/jyNUzFcXTB
2019-06-25 18:28:05 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1143586678621081600)

Statuses 1143584374169800704Vijayan20474834: We should learn these small things with them. All these small happiness of life makes life happy. We only wait for… https://t.co/BcKQwkmPMs
2019-06-25 18:18:56 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1143584374169800704)

Statuses 1143583985286701056mxl_khx: RT @UtdFarhan: How are Pakistan’s Cricket team chilling at Archies and then going to shisha bars on Wilmslow Road a day before a massive Wo…
2019-06-25 18:17:23 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1143583985286701056)

Statuses 1143578171167662081DrPopCultureBG: RT @isabelledrake: Archie, No 6, Volume 1, ‘44, Volume 2, ‘16. #archies #riverdale #POPCulture @BGSU_PopCultLib #isadrake https://t.co/yhEZ…
2019-06-25 17:54:17 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1143578171167662081)

Statuses 1143570381212651521Miami_or_bust: RT @toomuchnick: [to the tune of "Sugar Sugar" by the Archies] Little Caesars
2019-06-25 17:23:20 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1143570381212651521)

Statuses 1143569920732434432Krish_Ggn: @Archies__ Good.. 👍
2019-06-25 17:21:30 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1143569920732434432)

Statuses 1143569721695977472Krish_Ggn: @Archies__ Is this in India..!
2019-06-25 17:20:42 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1143569721695977472)

Statuses 1143568734025441280myntra: @Archies__ Archana, we regret this experience caused. We never intended to cause the experience & this certainly is… https://t.co/uXOkFKfqee
2019-06-25 17:16:47 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1143568734025441280)

Statuses 1143565245597831168racebrianresano: @JoseMpelucas Try again! Sugar, Sugar de The Archies https://t.co/Ww9fR1KxoL #NowPlaying
2019-06-25 17:02:55 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1143565245597831168)

Statuses 1143558317672763392marymar2280: RT @Margari2929Vas: Para todos los amig@s de twitter que tengan un lindo día aunque con mucho frrriiiooo,bendiciones!!!🌹 @archies_vanny @li…
2019-06-25 16:35:23 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1143558317672763392)

Statuses 1143551946026082304POPSUGARUK: Prince William stole the show at Prince Harry's christening! https://t.co/EB4ZQvZVin
2019-06-25 16:10:04 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1143551946026082304)

Statuses 1143551332797648898BlackTieEvent_: #TuesdayThoughts Sugar Sugar by The Archies https://t.co/BGJoIq5zEv
2019-06-25 16:07:38 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1143551332797648898)

Statuses 1143551067969376256celebritykimdot: RT @celebritykimdot: 🔥 #Go #Markles Meghan Markle’s estranged half-brother wants to go to Archie’s christening – Fox News https://t.co/lmvh…
2019-06-25 16:06:35 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1143551067969376256)

Statuses 1143550890420273152BGSU_PopCultLib: RT @isabelledrake: Archie, No 6, Volume 1, ‘44, Volume 2, ‘16. #archies #riverdale #POPCulture @BGSU_PopCultLib #isadrake https://t.co/yhEZ…
2019-06-25 16:05:53 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1143550890420273152)

Statuses 1143550038494367748lisameetarchie: @ACaro_Ayala @Margari2929Vas @archies_vanny @alen_alen3 @erlindita @tuprelldrisquel @marymar2280 @michelle0423g… https://t.co/8y2LvTK5D1
2019-06-25 16:02:29 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1143550038494367748)

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