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Statuses 1464480975316930560ozind59: @Kmart_Australia had a very bad experience at #hurstville store where the a refused to give the goods at the price… https://t.co/AfSt1zTNpx
2021-11-27 06:27:27 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1464480975316930560)

Statuses 1464417109006553089TheNerdyCatLady: @cat_in_a_mosh I used to work at a Kmart years ago & you had to ask every customer if they wanted to donate. Which,… https://t.co/TVQLNRZcmx
2021-11-27 02:13:40 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1464417109006553089)

Statuses 1464412908599664641RyanWil62993886: @darrengilmore6 The same happened yesterday in a @Kmart Store in Shepparton. They are in for a shock!
2021-11-27 01:56:59 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1464412908599664641)

Statuses 1464397079778897922beers_an: The late 1980’s former KMart (now Tractor Supply) & grocery store #BlackFridayParking https://t.co/NlsCviIMd9
2021-11-27 00:54:05 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1464397079778897922)

Statuses 1464333687248490499itsrenatak: Buying my brothers fiancé a bottle of wine and a store gift card so she can buy herself some books cheeper from Kma… https://t.co/JBky0Sl3Em
2021-11-26 20:42:11 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1464333687248490499)

Statuses 1464329840513978369maligurl: @AirMax1963 My first job ever out of high while going to university full time was at KMart. My first Black Friday,… https://t.co/bQnrumHJTP
2021-11-26 20:26:54 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1464329840513978369)

Statuses 1464268771841957894LeftBiasedMedia: Who shops at target - isn’t it like a Kmart - yuck? Isn’t this the store that features the mouthy cunt married to… https://t.co/bn9n3QJGtf
2021-11-26 16:24:14 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1464268771841957894)

Statuses 1464250785441918977JusmidarC: @JusmidarC Anda sudah yakin mau mendapatkan Suplemen Vitamin K-liquid chlorophyll original dengan cara COD ? Silah… https://t.co/nhcBtRQFsE
2021-11-26 15:12:46 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1464250785441918977)

Statuses 1464220934286430216StoneUnlimited: @PauliValdoodis @RyanWil62993886 @Kmart Think trespasser, showing jab status is their condition of entry, you don't… https://t.co/JtoU9so4Ks
2021-11-26 13:14:09 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1464220934286430216)

Statuses 1464160696921247748Tarthing: @GeorgeMentz It’s sad to loose a department store chain like sears and Kmart the have so many memories and history
2021-11-26 09:14:47 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1464160696921247748)

Statuses 1464155778013671425leiopelma: I found one at kmart and it immediately broke before I even got the chance to use it. I'm still using the same belt… https://t.co/pok7FjxA8w
2021-11-26 08:55:14 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1464155778013671425)

Statuses 1464154789260840963theMetz: If and when this does indeed become true, I hope Katz’s The Big Store gets rewritten with 4-5 more chapters and a l… https://t.co/TbwPjPmkty
2021-11-26 08:51:19 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1464154789260840963)

Statuses 1464099085846077442relyT_Tyler_: The masculine urge to tell the universal store employee trying to sell me $50 Kmart quality t-shirt to fuck off
2021-11-26 05:09:58 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1464099085846077442)

Statuses 1464093972729581570DoingItDodson: New Orleans come out the summer things sports season was going to be Gucci store good but we doing Black Friday at… https://t.co/vYhybQlNd7
2021-11-26 04:49:39 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1464093972729581570)

Statuses 1464092195615494145stanleywaite1: @MoarToast i do the same and while window shopping, i look at how the "mark-downs" are a con, when you check the pr… https://t.co/WuU6w0tQi1
2021-11-26 04:42:35 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1464092195615494145)

Statuses 1464087286077870086VolluzL: @Sears @Kmart time2 make Ventures store from Kmarts find where you need @Sears please keep prices lower @EDVAnews W… https://t.co/0nrhmb2Ryc
2021-11-26 04:23:05 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1464087286077870086)

Statuses 1464087210970517504Scavage18: @natefishpa @IanMCohen @80k_0k8 I think there is a pretty broad difference in feasibility between challenging the l… https://t.co/jjKspzLRqR
2021-11-26 04:22:47 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1464087210970517504)

Statuses 1464047852837998599MightyTallDude: What? I thought Kmart/Sears won the discount store war. The timeless blue light special, the catchy jingle 'Kmart i… https://t.co/hSVaHOYkpU
2021-11-26 01:46:23 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1464047852837998599)

Statuses 1464041398794031112JohnStidhamJr1: Well I finally found the store That was out of everything . Abandoned Kmart . So there
2021-11-26 01:20:44 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1464041398794031112)

Statuses 1464038147776565248BrentWags12: @SuenosAzules32 @brednewyork @FFVent @CardPurchaser Gentlemen it is a store based out of the state of Michigan it’s… https://t.co/aLslXhaIcm
2021-11-26 01:07:49 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1464038147776565248)

Statuses 1463969218043408417vwdasher: @Teggy79 It's been something we've collected over a long time. There's lots of model kits in there as well. I need… https://t.co/f32QnJRiB7
2021-11-25 20:33:55 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1463969218043408417)

Statuses 1463964218886176769susiebutternh: @eTickerNews @CNN Kmart is an awesome store! I worked there as a cashier and in the little restaurant deli. It was… https://t.co/P4IfCO7dGo
2021-11-25 20:14:03 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1463964218886176769)

Statuses 1463959130788483072eTickerNews: @CNN I always enjoyed shopping at our local Kmart. My mom and I often went together and always enjoyed going there.… https://t.co/tHOnCliNQL
2021-11-25 19:53:50 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1463959130788483072)

Statuses 1463957721087102976alissa914g: @CNN They're STILL not gone? :) They finally converted the KMart down the street from my last place into a storag… https://t.co/HTovoQGBHp
2021-11-25 19:48:14 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1463957721087102976)

Statuses 1463951711660240898CoachesHotSeat: If you walked into @Kmart and @Walmart 30 years ago and we did often easy to see that @Kmart destined for dustbin o… https://t.co/Cd4zXPmZSC
2021-11-25 19:24:21 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1463951711660240898)

Statuses 1463916583097712642esotericsqrl: @LeslieStreeter Kamala Harris is one of the top officials so of course she can buy expensive pots and pans. My pa… https://t.co/W4ryEVVSGu
2021-11-25 17:04:46 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1463916583097712642)

Statuses 1463885816845922306nnadiasfaa: it is literally a KMART STORE the k in kmart stands for korean and you surprised they not spoonfeeding info to you… https://t.co/yA1KcuOsou
2021-11-25 15:02:31 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1463885816845922306)

Statuses 1463870735349342214NotZenYet: @XtremeRPh @happy_pharmer Same- although instead of the grocery store, was a paperback book at a Kmart (dates me, I know lol)
2021-11-25 14:02:35 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1463870735349342214)

Statuses 1463816237155164165Marcgstar: @Corleone_Roller I'm thinking it's not any of the westfarmers companies...bunnings, officeworks kmart target, I saw… https://t.co/D0YbdT1VOf
2021-11-25 10:26:01 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1463816237155164165)

Statuses 1463799335380865026angelinaalohah1: RT @pacificbiznews: The store signed a lease for 125,000 square-feet, and will occupy the former Kmart. https://t.co/UqnT8n0Zp2
2021-11-25 09:18:52 UTC/GMT. to Tweet (1463799335380865026)

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